Fixed Buzz Bars

Fixed Buzz Bars

The 316 range is reliable and extremely robust. It is precision machined and hand built in England by JAG and as the name suggests is manufactured entirely from the finest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. The 316 range of rod supports is without doubt the finest we have ever made.

2-rod - 4.75in (121mm)
Weight 126g
Code - BB2-FXD-4.75
2-rod - 5.75in (146mm)
Weight 134g
Code - BB2-FXD-5.75
2-rod - 6.75in (171mm)
Weight 142g
Code - BB2-FXD-6.75
3-rod - 10.5in (267mm)
Weight 198g
Code - BB3-FXD-10.5
3-rod - 12.0in (305mm)
Weight 212g
Code - BB3-FXD-11.5

3-rod - 14.0in (355mm) 
Weight 236g
Code - BB3-FXD-12
4.75-5_.75-6_.75-condensed_.png 14-12-10.5-condensed_.png

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