Buzz Bar & Bankstick Bags

Buzz Bar & Bankstick Bags

The JAG Buzz Bar and Bankstick bag will accommodate bars up to 13in long with alarms attached.
The double-zipped main compartment is fully padded with a divider to keep your front and rear Buzz Bars separated and totally protected.

Inside the main compartment is a full length zipped pocket with ample room to store indicators and other items.

Up to four Banksticks of any length can be stored securely on the outside of the bag (standard Banksticks and Xcavators accommodated).

Two straps on the reverse will take a splash mat or can be used to secure the Super Compact Pod Base pouch (not included) keeping the whole pod system in one neat package.

Double carry straps, very high quality material and the ‘Made in England’ badge complete this cleverly thought out product. Available in various sizes and patterns.

Green 3 rod - LUG-BB-BAG
Camo 3 rod - LUG-BB-BAG-C

Green 2 rod - LUG-BB-BAG-SM
Camo 2 rod - LUG-BB-BAG-SM-C

Black 3 rod - LUG-BB-BAG-B (Super CompacT Pod MK2 & Micro Pod)
dsc_0143.jpg dsc_0165.jpg dsc_0159.jpg dsc_0161.jpg dsc_8972.jpg dsc_8957.jpg dsc_8964.jpg

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