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  • Sub Surface is full of stories that are bound to get your angling juices flowing!


Sub Surface is full of stories that are bound to get your angling juices flowing!
The new issue of Subsurface is OUT NOW...don't miss the beautiful work by JAG user Gaz Fareham. The intriguing read also feature our very own Oz Holness.

"Still proudly 100% independent, and still a ‘not for profit’ project, we can afford to focus purely on producing the highest quality publication possible, with no ulterior motive or agenda. Issue 2 has increased to 416 pages, and is printed on the finest sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly paper stocks and once again takes a bold step forward in both design and concept. 

Content is as diverse as ever with stories from the likes of Luc De Baets’s pioneering journeys on the River Seine and Yonne in the late 80’s and early 90's, to Jon Skold’s anecdotal piece about enduring the ravages of a Scandinavian winter, through to Matt Beddows angling in amongst the tangled iron work ruins of a Midlands quarry. Content is from as far afield as France, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, right through to pieces from the heart of the UK scenes in the Colne Valley, all the way up to the northern scene in Cheshire.

Major interviews with Oz Holness talk about the realities of balancing working as a fireman with fishing some of the hardest waters in the UK, and underground anglers Dan Kilgour and Rob Gillespie talk about life on the circuit and in the undergrowth off the beaten track; rock climbing, burning out, raking spots with cars, and keeping the spirit alive for all the right reasons predominate. 

Issue 2 also sees the introduction of a major new element in the form of the ‘Guest Editor’, and this issue we are proud to welcome Simon Hartop to the fold, with 100 pages of lovingly compiled and written pieces exploring the gritty realities of working class life in the Midlands and the search for beautiful carp to angle for, as well as the lifelong friendships that have followed as a result.

Carp fishing is split across counties, borders and countries, but there is still a wider scene we believe in, that we somehow feel we belong to, it is as disparate as the writers that have contributed, but it is a scene with some shared beliefs, a place we can all call home, and this is what Issue 2 celebrates. 

Here’s a few of the hundreds of emails we have received regarding Issue 1;

‘I just wanted to congratulate you on Subsurface. Truly epic, and a lovely reminder of why we all angle. Refreshing, romantic and inspiring. Thank you’

‘Congratulations on SSJ its more a work of art than a publication, it has certainly set a new high standard in my opinion, really looking forward to more.’

‘I've been a carp angler, and therefore been buying books and magazines for 30 years, and I have to say you have managed to capture the magic in a way that hasn't been done in many, many years. The breadth and scope of the coverage, alongside the recognition that people have lives outside carp fishing sets what you have achieved above anything that has been published in a long time’

Thanks for the support all, we couldn't survive without you."