'Ology Review
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  • The complete pod kit in all its glory.
  • Add a touch of colour in the insert and it's one mighty pod.


Check out the review -
Check out this intriguing, non-bias look at our beautiful JAG Black Super Compact Pod kit on the Carpology web page now -

The JAG Black Super Compact Pod Kit is a super light and fast setup design. It is not only the perfect pod, it can also be used as a Buzz-Bar setup, a Snag Bar setup or even a single stick setup. In the kit you have the pod base that packs down in seconds to a tiny 11in by 3.5in, quality UK made bag, three-rod Snag Bars/Buzz Bars (12in rear and 14in front), Snag Converters and Allen Key, two 9in and two 7in adjustable Banksticks and Alarm Aligners. The pod is also available as just a base.