High Tipper IN SHOPS NOW!
  • The UK engineered High Tipper is in shops now.


The UK engineered High Tipper is in shops now.
AVAILABLE NOW - The high tipper is the latest, high-quality, UK engineered mechanism from JAG. There’s an array of fishing scenarios in angling that require your tips to be held aloft – it might be for keeping your lines above marginal reeds, rocks or lillies. You might fish large rivers or desire better bite detection on popular rigs such as the chod.
However, the problem has always been getting your line to sit correctly in the alarm roller. Why? Because of the angle. However, these dedicated High Tippers are designed to tilt to the best possible position, allowing your line to run perfectly over your alarm ensuring optimum bite detection. It is easily adjusted with an Allen Key and will sit robust and sturdy on your storm or bankstick.
The High Tipper will no doubt appeal to the avid carp angler in both the UK and Europe but it will also appeal to the hardened coarse angler who target the large, flowing rivers.
Available in 316, Black and Prolite. 
Please take a look at our latest video on the High Tipper -