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Tune into CarpTV to find out how they got on!
Don’t miss this month’s Carp TV as JAG guys Jack Brown and James Armstrong target a tricky pit in Cambridgeshire to see if they can outwit some of its old residents. Over 48 hours the chaps battle the elements and reveal a whole host of different tricks that will enable you to catch some of the hardest fish in the country. James commented:
“It was a thoroughly enjoyable session and our efforts were well and truly rewarded with one Cambs lovely jewels. During the filming we took an intriguing look at the way I sharpen up my hook baits. Not only do I reveal the typical three-sided way that is recommended by JAG on beaked pointed hooks, I also show the viewers a way to sharpen a straight point. It’ a show that’s not to be missed.”
The episode is avaialbe online now or you can purchase the CD separately. Make sure you watch it folks, you won’t be dissapointed!