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You may have seen we have released a set of snag ears in Black and 316 to suit all alarms currently availble. 

These snag ears have been precision engineered from the same grade 316 steel and aluminium that is used on the stainless and black range. There are various features that sets them apart from other snag ears. If you havent seen the video that is currently live on our Facebook page then check it out, we have supplied a link at the bottom of this page.

See below a list of the features - 

- Series of drilled holes for an Isotope
- Drilled hole in the top of the ear to house an Isotope.
- Various rubber plugs to push into the top of the ear(Available in the same colours as the lockdown inserts)
- Grooves for full height adjustment dependant on situation and alarm height. 
- Neatly machined carriage to secure the snag ears onto the backs of the base plates(They are seriously solid!)
- Brass grubscrew to locate the snag ear onto the base plate along with a brass laser etched thumbscrew to attach/remove the ears
- 2 stage base plate in small or large, the stages allows spacing dependant on alarms being used 
- Laser etched indicator attachement for indicators with a male 2BA thread

As stated above, the ears are available in black and 316. The base plates are available in small and large which is dependant on the alarms that you are using. For example - Small will suit Nevilles and ATTs and Large will suit Delkims and NTXRs. On the base plate there are two positioned holes to screw your alarm through, the two positions allows you to make sure you have good spacing behind the alarm. The base plate as specified above includes a neat indicator attachment which is a 2BA female thread which caters for indicators with a male 2BA thread(other adaptors are available on the market). Following on from the precision engineering that has gone into these snag ears, the groove on the back of the baseplate ensures that the ears hold their position at all times. We really can't stress enough how solid these snag ears are due to the way they have been designed and manufactured along with the materials used. The snag ears house the same isotopes that are used in the safe liner indicators. 

What is supplied in the snag ears? 

Supplied with the snag ears when you purchase them is as follows - 
1 x Small or Large Baseplate(dependant on size needed)
1 x Ear
1x Carriage with Brass Grubscrew 
1 x Laser Etched Tumbscrew 
1 x Black insert

Spare ears are available should you require them. Supplied with the spare ears - 
1 x Ear
1 x Carriage with Brass Grubscrew

As also mentioned above there are also a whole host of coloured inserts available which are supplied in packs of three which can be tailored to your personal preference. If you have various coloured indicators, LED colours or even back rests, you'll be able to match them. Also with the coloured inserts we have introduced a pack of three which includes 1 x Red, 1 x White and 1 x Blue which are only available with the snag ears.

The Snag Ears are AVAILABLE in JAG stockists now! 

The product codes for the ears are as follows - 
Snag Ear 316 Large - SNAG-316-LG
Snag Ear 316 Small - SNAG-316-SM
Extra Ear 316 - EAR-316
Snag Ear Prolite Black Large - SNAG-PRO-BL-LG
Snag Ear Prolite Black Small - SNAG-PRO-BL-SM
Extra Ear Prolite Black - EAR-PROBLK

Snag Ear Blue Inserts(Pk3) - SE-INS-BLU
Snag Ear Green Inserts(Pk3) - SE-INS-GRN
Snag Ear Orange Inserts(Pk3) - SE-INS-ORA
Snag Ear Yellow Inserts(Pk3) - SE-INS-YEL
Snag Ear White Inserts(Pk3) - SE-INS-WHI
Snag Ear Red Inserts(Pk3) - SE-INS-RED
Snag Ear Purple Inserts(Pk3) - SE-INS-PUR
Snag Ear Red, White & Blue Pack(Pk3) - SE-INS-RWB

Snag Ear Facebook Video Link(Copy and Paste into your web browser) -