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Learn how to master one of the biggest kept secrets in the last decade…hook sharpening!
Since Jason Hayward revealed hook sharpening, many anglers wouldn’t even consider casting out without a honed hook point…and why should they? It’s one of, if not the, biggest edges in carp fishing. Huge names and some of the best anglers in the business are doing it – Adam Penning, Darrell Peck, Jim Shelley, Nigel Sharp and Etienne Gebel to name but a few.
It’s a fact that a sharpened hook, honed with a perfectly needle-sharp point, will penetrate quicker and with less required force than a dull, bluntish point, like most you get bought off the shelf in a packet. However, hook sharpening is a skill that must be mastered and I’m afraid practice makes perfect. You will need some special components – a JAG SP Vice, a Max File, SP Stones and an Ultra-Eye. Each product is vital in creating those hypodermic points. Beaked points require slightly different styled to straight points but you will soon pick this up. In this piece, we will show you how to sharpen a beaked point. However, if you wish to see more and in video format please take a look on JAG TV which can be found on Vimeo to see more.
How to do it
First of all, you will need to clamp your hook in an SP Vice. Simply place into the vice so that the hook is laying along its shank with the point above (see pics). Tighten up the vice so that the hook can’t move. Grasp the vice in a stable position and begin to hone the sides with the Max File. You don’t need to go overboard five or six is suffice first time around but it may require more at a later stage. You will notice that you will be beginning to remove some metal.
Now do the same on the top of the hook. Place the file in line with the barb and begin to stroke towards the point in a forwards motion, NOT over the point. You must be careful of this. Continue to remove metal and keep checking with the Ultra-Eye until you are happy. Once you are somewhere near happy, you can hone and finetune with the SP Stones. These finish off the job. The Eye is a vital tool for sharpening so use it!
On some waters the point can rust a little so it can often pay to protect it with a Solution Pen. Not only will these add a very thin later of protection to slow down corrosion, they will also give the hook a fleck of camouflage. They’re win, win!
Simply dab onto the point and leave them to dry. They’re odourless too. If you’re a bit of a camouflage obsessive, then you can even use the pens to camouflage even more of your end tackle such as tubing, clips, tail rubbers etc.